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“To Pario” cheese factory,
Agia Anastasia
Marpissas Paros

This cheese factory is a vertically integrated industrial unit of traditional cheese products, meaning it has full control of the production chain. It extends to 150 sq.m. and includes four areas: (i) reception, processing and storage areas of raw materials, (ii) production, ripening, packaging and maintenance areas (refrigerator), (iii) staff service areas (locker rooms, offices) and (iv) engine room.


Agia Anastasia, Paros

Type of residence

Vacation house


165 m²



There is a clear flow of movement based on the daily needs of the unit and it follows the production process. The main design axis was the combination of linear and circular movements between the spaces with the ultimate goal of each function being having autonomy and self-sufficiency of space, maintaining at the same time a coherent and practical structure. Morphologically, the building is structured in three white volumes with characteristic blue Cycladic frames. This way it effectively balances the industrial architecture and the Aegean tradition.

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