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Summer house,
Fyrovouni Paros

A couple's holiday home with guest quarters. The building follows the strong topography and is developed on two levels which operate independently.


Fyrovouni, Paros

Type of residence

Vacation house


227 m²



On the upper level is the main residence of the couple with multiple areas of common use, while on the lower level there are two guesthouses, one of which is fully equipped with a kitchen and a living-room with a fireplace.

The bedrooms are spacious but priority has also been given to outdoor and semi-outdoor living areas. Pergolas, arches and traditional type paving, frame the closed spaces and take a central role in the daily flows. The house is surrounded by rich local vegetation, such as aromatic shrubs and the characteristic bougainvillea with the white walls as a background.

Ο ιστότοπος χρησιμοποιεί cookies για να βελτιώσει την εμπειρία του χρήστη.