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Summer house, Fyrochorafi Paros

Holiday home for a family of three consisting of three smaller buildings and two courtyards


Fyrochorafi, Paros

Type of residence

Vacation house


205 m²



The largest of the three buildings contains the living room, the kitchen with dining room and master bedroom with bathroom. The second building is made up of two independent bedrooms with a bathroom, while the third one functions as storage space and also as a clear boundary of the entrance.

Characteristic of the residence are the longitudinal flows in the common areas and the enclosed yard. A circulation corridor crosses the main building internally while a parallel external corridor joins the two courtyards and continues to the end of the landscaped area where it meets the parking lot.

This superimposed positioning of the buildings allows for direct sunlight and ventilation of the spaces which at the same time avoids the adverse due to winds north-east orientation.

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