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Apartment complex,
Palaio Faliro

The building consists of five floors and an internal balcony (attic) as the sixth residential level. The apartments follow two standard layouts with one and two bedrooms, and have a storage space in the basement and a parking space on the ground floor. Half of the roof area is planted with shrub-like plants with a small root system.


Amphitheas Ave., Palaio Faliro, Attica

Type of residence

Apartment building


385 m²


Under construction

The plot is located at the intersection of two different urban characters that are strongly combined in the wider area of Paleo Faliro, the urban residence with large front yards that balance the final spatial perception and metropolitan and bustling character of the avenues (Amphitheas and Poseidonos).

Aiming at creating a minimal form, the building on the one hand smoothly fits into the quiet spirit of the urban district, and on the other hand it reflects the hyperlocal character of the busy avenue. The formality of the floor plan is externalized on the facades, where the large glazing gives the impression of empty and filled at the same time, the neutrality of the white color highlights the plasticity of the building volume and the vertical metal elements act as a unifying factor of the two "ends" of the building. The project was done in collaboration with the architectural office mfa.

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