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Luxury summer house, Glisidia Paros

The entrance to the plot and the building is a path dictated by the natural relief and aims to gradually reveal the view towards Antiparos. The building is structured in two wings that are connected by a corridor with a dual and transitional function. Along the short axis, the short access intensifies the process of revealing the landscape and the outdoor living spaces. Along the long axis, it functionally unites the wings, but at the same time it visually separates the public spaces (front) from the private (back).


Glisidia, Paros

Type of residence

Vacation house


324 m²


Study level

The north wing of the residence includes 2 bedrooms, one of which is designed to be accessible by the disableds, and the kitchen with a spacious dining room. The south wing includes 3 bedrooms, a living room of common use with a fireplace, WC and laundry room-storage.

Each bedroom has a private courtyard as an extension of the sleeping area that focuses on a visual escape to either the sea or to the surrounding hills. Thus, the autonomous units successively acquire a different orientation, so that although they freely join the external environment, they maintain the possibility of isolation without the use of hard enclosures.

Αiming to the harmonic combination of the Cycladic characteristics with the modern needs of living and the modern aesthetics of the owners, three unifying factors for the management of the views were defined. Firstly, the application of white color on all surfaces, which of course differ in materiality (exposed stone and plaster of medium grain size). Secondly, the pluralistic treatment of the openings, where in the private spaces they follow traditional metrical elements and proportions, while in the communal ones they are widened in order to submit the swapping of the inside use. Thirdly, the element of wood used for the pergola, shades and exterior frames.

In order also to differentiate the central corridor as a movement area in relation to the standing areas, the walls that enclose it bear small openings-holes with fixed frames and different slopes in terms of the masonry. With this scenographic game of optical escapes, small frames towards the upcoming view are created and a simple reference to the medieval past of the island is achieved, where the architecture of the castles was combined with the ancient island tradition.

The surrounding area is available for outdoor landscaping and extensive planting based on the native flora model. Yards are formed around the perimeter of the house with a layer of hard materials (cement mortar) and zones with compacted soil as a transition between the fully formed and the natural ground. Distinct axes of movement ensure multiple accesses and routes, contributing to the adaptation of the residence to different conditions throughout the year (functionality throughout the year, serving diverse tenants, etc.).

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