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Duplex apartment,
Fragiadena Paros

The building consists of two independent residences in a plot that extends on the east-west axis and with a natural relief of smooth unified slope. A small olive grove grows to the east, which is preserved and integrated into the design of the new residence. The surrounding area is gently shaped by the creation of distinctive axes of movement and standing areas that serve the access to the residence, to the cultivation area and also to the olive grove.


Fragiadena, Paros

Type of residence

Vacation house


297 m²


Under Construction

Driven by architectural simplicity, a harmonious geometric composition develops organically around the coves-courtyards, typical of the Cycladic oncoplastic approach. The core of the residence is formed on three sides of the exterior introverted courtyard to the west of the building, so that with the courtyard as a focal point in continuation of the interior living spaces, the boundaries are blurred encouraging living in the exterior spaces of the residence.

On the same axis but on the eastern side of the building, an equally introverted open space allows the olive grove to enter the building and contributes to the through and through ventilation and lighting of the residence. A third inward-facing courtyard of similar logic is also formed to the south of the residence, while multiple open courtyards are developed around the perimeter of the building as a continuation of the internal hard surfaces.

The interchange of the spaces, the visual and functional communication with the surrounding space and the way of transition from the open to the closed give various spatial qualities which the tenants are invited to discover and experience throughout the year.

The overall building volume is governed by the Cycladic austerity and the geometry of the cube that characterizes the Aegean residences. The appearance of the coated white masonry in combination with the blue raff wooden frames follow traditional standards with an international stamp.

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