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Detached house with a pool, Argiroupoli

The two-storey detached house is intended for a family of four, a couple with two adult children. Τhe main demand from the beginning was to ensure the clear separation of private and public spaces, the functional self-sufficiency per level and the seamless transition from closed to open spaces.


Argiroupoli, Attica

Type of residence

Detached house


336 m²


Under construction

The planting areas were landscaped around the building and the necessary facilities of the entrance, contributing to the smooth integration of the building into a residential area mild construction. The building is "closed" to itself but gradually and purposefully opened to the public space with optical escapes that are framed both ways through the enclosed semi-outdoors and the dark charcoal frames.

The elements of the facades were structured as an aesthetic management of the volumes highlighted by the actual construction and functionality of the building itself. The central volume defined by the ground floor, shrinks homogeneously on the floor and the volume of the end with the four tall openings of the stairwell, outlines an imaginable continuity in the vertical direction, while the single corner window expands on the horizontal axis so it can emerge as the visual conclusion of the building. The sequence of empty and full surfaces is complemented by the tonally intense, but limited color variations in the spectrum of white and gray.

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