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Cottage house, Agios Georgios Archilochos Paros

The building consists of two independent houses in a plot that extends throughout the north-south axis and is bounded by a small olive grove at the southern end. In order to minimize the interference with the natural relief, the landscaping includes a simple movement zone around the building that serves the access to the farmhouse and the vegetable garden.


Archilochos, Paros

Type of residence

Vacation house


140 m²


Under Construction

With the main goal being the integrating of the project into the environment of the wider rural area, the synthetic challenge of a modern residence that oozes the philosophy of the traditional farmhouse was highlighted.

Morphologically, this character is attributed with the obvious elements of stone construction, the limited openings, the creation of protected external courtyards, and the small autonomous spaces that develop organically, while functionally, with the gradual transition from outside to inside, the contact with the countryside and the ergonomic orientation.

The geometric composition of the building initially creates the impression of a single monolithic volume, due to the walls of the external shaping. These stone elements extend in the direction of the facades with the tendency to close the rectangular outline that emerges from the arrangement of the volumes. The imaginary compact volume, however, is cancelled due to the external courtyards that compose the relationship of the residence with its outdoor space, where domestic activities are extended. The discontinuities in the enclosed contour reveal the restrained extroversion of the residence and the vertical linear openings in the facades allow the unification of indoor and outdoor space, framing the view towards the countryside.

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