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Apartment complex, Palaio Faliro

The apartment complex consists of seven (7) floors of houses on pilotis with auxiliary uses in the basement. The ground floor includes the central entrance of the building with access to the common stairwell, while the main volume of the building (floors A' to G') includes a total of ten (10) apartments.


Palaio Faliro, Attica

Type of residence

Apartment complex


1.225 m²


Under construction

The apartment typologies follow some common design principles, although they differ in size and interior layout. Smaller apartments are being formed on the first three floors and three-bedroom penthouses on the last four. All areas of common use (living-rooms and bedrooms) have access to open balconies, so that internal flows are released into outdoor spaces.

The aim of the project was the creation of an apartment building that although is differentiated in terms of volume, it smoothly integrates into the aesthetic atmosphere and neighborhood spirit, with distinct character. On the one hand, volume relied primarily on depth alternations, light and shadow, complete and open, while color was used to give intensity to the existing variations of forms and surfaces.

On the other hand, the aesthetic and construction requirements are satisfied in combination in the management of the facades by creating volumetric elements - architectural overhangs and alternating colors in the coatings, by the construction of bay windows for functional and morphological purposes and also by the integration of the technical networks in the building shell.

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