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Apartment complex, Kallithea

On a rectangular shaped corner plot, this multi-storey building is set back from the building line and includes twenty-eight (28) apartments, four (4) of which have an internal balcony (attic). A particular challenge of the building program was the requirement for small-medium-sized apartments, where apart from the spatial and functional requirements, they had to be completely autonomous in terms of their Η/Μ networks.


Kallithea, Attica

Type of residence

Apartment building


2.428 m²


Under construction

The setback of the building contributes to the smooth integration of the construction into the dense urban fabric, ensures greater comfort of sun exposure and ventilation and smoothes the transition from the scale of the individual to the scale of the multi-storey building and from public to private space.

The choice of forms and colors on the facades reflects the three characteristic natural elements of the area, the land, the olive tree and the sea. The wavy geometry combined with the dark green/off-white contrast is a gesture of bringing back the archetypal elements that prevailed in the area. In particular, the volume of the building was initially based on the interchange of depth, light and shadow, complete and open, as they are dictated by the floor plan.

Color was then used to emphasize the variations of the shapes and to submit two main rhythms: a more static one in the body of the building and a more dynamic one in the parapets and openings.

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