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We seek, suggest and implement the desirable and optimal result in every study.

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Architectural design

We undertake the complete architectural design of projects and spaces of different scales and uses. From the renovation of a single apartment to the overall design of the building and the shaping of the surrounding area, we always design based upon the particular characteristics and needs of each project.

Ingerent elements such as location, topography, orientation, landscape, climatic conditions and surrounding space, guide us to harmoniously integrate the user's needs into the existing conditions. Our constant goal is to approach projects not only technically, but also conceptually, reflecting the meaning of architectural composition as a catalyst in the formation of timeless spaces, where function and aesthetics are inextricably linked in an inner, sui generis character.

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Beyond the architectural study, all other engineering studies form an integral part of any construction or property management project. In modern building permits, all studies frame and interact directly with the architectural design. At the same time, however, each study can be prepared individually or as a part of team work, depending on the needs of the construction. Common examples are topographical studies for declaration in the Greek Database of Land Ownership (Ktimatologio) or property conveyance, electromechanical studies for the issuance of an operating license or aytonomicity and installation of new systems, static adequacy studies for special construction cases and more.

In cooperation with the Idaion team, you have the possibility to deal with the issues that arise during the management of your property, either individually or as a whole, avoiding fragmentary studies and unnecessary paperwork.

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Every intervention in a property results in a smaller or larger construction site, just as it happens in the construction of a new building. Within our services, we undertake the planning of parcial tasks, the coordination of working teams, the supervision and completion of construction, assuring the application of quality and safety standards.
Although construction is considered to be independent of the study design phase and can be supported as such, it is always preferable to have overall monitoring of the project and close cooperation of individual factors from start to finish.

We also participate in the construction of infrastructure projects (e.g. electromechanical installations) by combining Idaion's many years of experience with the broad academic background and the partnership with specialized colleagues and technicians.

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Licenses and other services

A building permit usually refers to high-intensity work such as erection of a new building, demolition, extension and other similar actions to a building or plot of land, while a small-scale building permit concerns a number of lighter works such as the removal of internal walls, the autonomicity of the heating system, etc. In cases of business premises operation licences, we provide the appropriate documents each time, as defined by aliquot provisions.
At the same time, the issuance of an electronic identity card and the settlement of unauthorized buildings (subject to Law 4495/17) are necessary conditions for the processing of bureaucratic procedures such as the transfer of real estate (purchase, sale, parental grant, etc.).
At Idaion we undertake the issuance of all types of permits as well as the control of real estate to be transferred with all the additional actions that may arise, such as the preparation of targeted studies, legalization of arbitrariness, issuance of an energy efficiency certificate etc.

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Energy upgrade

Through many years of experience and dealing with energy upgrading programs (“Exikonomo”, “YMEPERAA”, “ELEKTRA”) in small and large properties (apartments - residential buildings, offices, school and university buildings, hospital units, hotels), we provide both energy sufficient solutions and mechanical design of your building.

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Public constructions

Our company holds a 1st class contractor's degree in the following categories of projects: Construction - Plumbing - Road Construction - Ports - Green Works - Electromechanical - Industrial - Energy - Cleaning and Treatment of Water, Liquid Solids and Gaseous Waste. We consistently and professionally undertake the execution of high-quality and accurate public works guided by the company's environmental consciousness. The members of the company have more than 10 years of experience in the construction of public works and its staff is distinguished by their high technical knowledge and thorough training.



Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the evaluation of technical work and estimation of upcoming costs.


Athanasiou Diakou 26, Zografou
Naousa, Paros


(+30) 210 775 71 14


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